Adam & Amy's Love Story

December 27, 2016
The Love Story of Amy Lynn Krell and Adam Walker
Married on August 22, 2015
written by:  Adam Walker  /  Photo Credit:  BACH Photo Images

A little over ten years ago, two different yet similar souls met, both blessed with loving family and friends.  
Succeeding in their college lives, both seemed to be happy.  However, inside they lacked something.  
This man and woman yearned for true love.  Both had lonely hearts and were searching for what they were missing.  
Fate intervened and set them on course to meet.  "He" and "She" became "Us".

With any relationship they faced trials and tribulations but through it all, their journey is one of great joy.
How can I know all of this you ask?  That's simple, I am one of those souls.
My name is Adam Walker and I present to you the story of how I found my soul mate, Amy Lynn Krell.

Ten years ago, I met a lovely, talented and warm hearted woman, Amy Lynn Krell. 
I was a twenty year old sophomore, English major, living at Syracuse University.  
Amy was an eighteen year old freshman at Onondaga Community College. 
Amy was majoring in English as well so we had something in common.  

Attending separate colleges, it seemed unlikely we would have ever crossed each other's path.
Fate, had plans for us, and by pure accident we met
on February 21st of that year.

   Both of us raised in Syracuse, it's safe to assume that we had unknowingly crossed paths before.  
However; on this day, we ran smack dab into each other.  It was an odd coincidence that led to us meeting.
A mutual friend happened to know Amy and introduced us.  

 I would be lying if I didn't say I was immediately blown away by how beautiful she was.  
I found myself almost at a loss for words.  Not only was she beautiful, she has a sense of humor, was a mature delicate soul.

 After talking, we exchanged polite goodbyes and headed off to our engagements.  
Later that night, I looked her up on Facebook and contacted her.
I told her how it was nice to meet her and that she was really fun to talk to.  
I later asked her what she thought of me, in true Amy fashion she just laughed and said "eh you were pretty sweet".  

We continued talking about different movies and music that we liked and what classes we were taking.  
Our conversations were always strong and we had a great connection.  

 For the next three days, we spent most of our free time talking to each other on the phone and computer.
Then we went on an official date to see if this was more than simple friendship.

On February 24, Amy picked me up outside Dellplain Hall where I was living at Syracuse University.  
We met late at night as soon as I got in her car, it was like I was seeing her for the first time again.  
She was even more beautiful than three days prior and I prayed this would go well.  
Luckily, the date was a success and we quickly became inseparable.  

         I was nervous when it came to introducing Amy to my family, but immediately they saw, what I saw in her. 
I knew she was the one for me.  They thought she was sweet, funny, and genuine.

   As nervous as I was to introduce Amy to my family, I was more afraid of meeting her family.  
You can imagine the relief it was when they welcomed me with open arms.

A year and a half later, Amy and I were more in love then ever focusing on our college educations and holding down jobs.  
Every minute that we weren't in classes or working was spent together or talking on the phone.  
Amy is the angel who saved me at a time when I was feeling unloved.  

Having had so many failed relationships before Amy, I knew that she was the one.  So I asked her to be my wife.
When I proposed to her, I didn't have a ring.  I wanted the ring to be as special as she is.  
In order to make sure she got the perfect ring, I told her we could go to the jewelry store and she could pick her ring.  

Amy joked that if she had to wear an engagement ring then I should too so all the girls knew that I was taken.  
Amy picked out a ring for me to signify that I was hers and she was mine.  When it came time to have the rings engraved,
the sales associate took us to separate sides of the store so we wouldn't know what we chose as a special message for one another.  
We cried when the rings came back with the same message inscribed on the insides of the rings.  
Inside of  our rings was the simple line "time after time" which is our favorite song as a couple and the motto for our love.   

It wasn't long for us to become engaged but it took us a while to have the wedding.  
Life happens, Amy had some health problems, my working and both of us wanting to finish school, we decided to wait to have the wedding.

Eight years later, had we not encountered all that life presented us with, we wouldn't have grown as the way we did.  
By our ninth year together we both felt the time was right to finally have the wedding.

 Then began a year long process of planning the day that we would be forever two hearts as one.  

        I heard horror stories from other couples about how stressful planning a wedding was.
  For Amy and I, it was calm and smooth as everything seemed to fall into place.

With the help from family and friends, we set out on planning our nuptials.  
Now when I say "we" I really mean "Amy" as she did all the planning, with help from her mother.  

It wasn't that my input wasn't valued, I let Amy plan the whole wedding because I wanted her to have her fairytale wedding.
The vision she laid out for me was breathtaking.  I am very traditional and I did not want to know
too many details so I could be surprised on the day we married.

Amy knew from the beginning that she wanted a classy, elegant yet elaborate classic 1920's
themed wedding of the "Great Gatsby" movie. We love this movie.

With a few changes, Amy and I joked that our color scheme of gray, gold, black, and white
were similar to those of my favorite superhero Batman.  

As a fan of the dark knight herself, Amy agreed that I could tie a few elements of Batman into the groom side of the wedding.  
I was thrilled and immediately ordered Batman cufflinks for my tux and a Batman shirt and socks to wear in a few pictures.  

Two of the greatest things that Amy did for me, she allowed the groomsmen to come out to the 1989 Batman
movie theme song and she surprised me with a Batman grooms cake in my favorite flavor.

 Next on the list, we needed to find the perfect wedding venue.  
We finally decided on our utopian wedding setting at Bellevue Country Club.

Not only does the "aristocratic" nature of a country club fit well in the Gatsby world,
but the grounds and interiors also provided a beautiful, elegant backdrop for our night.  
It was classy and old world while whimsical, the golf course was a perfect landscape for our pictures. 

         The rest of the planning was smooth sailing, many brides stress over finding the perfect dress.
A friend of Amy's had suggested her to go to Spy Baby Boutique to model a couple dresses for them at a bridal show.  
Amy agreed, although she doesn't like to be the center of attention.  Amy tried on just one dress and instantly fell in love.  
This dress became not only the dress she modeled at the show, but also the dress I got to see come down the aisle
as the song "young and beautiful" by Lana del Ray was playing.

      When it came to picking our bridal party, it was a little tough as we both have a lot of friends and family to choose from.
We each had ones we knew we could not exclude, and others we really hoped to include.
In the end, we ended up with four bridesmaids, four groom's men, two flower girls
and two ring bearers in addition to our maid of honor and best man.

 Amy knew from the very beginning that her maid of honor would be her cousin/friend since birth, Liz Krell.  
In keeping with our tradition of being non-traditional, I opted to have one of my groom's men be a woman
who is my best friend, I chose my sister as my best man.  Growing up, we were very close.

Everything was coming together and coming together fast. One key to great wedding planning is to use professional,
credible, well known wedding professionals.  Please refer to my Professional Testimonials at the end.

        The big day finally arrived.  Amy spent the morning of the wedding with her bridesmaids and family getting ready.  
Amy had her hair and makeup done while I stayed at home getting myself and our son ready.  


Amy's favorite part of the wedding day was that she was able to surprise me with all kinds of things,
from the Batman cake to the Batman photos, her gown and even the song she came down the aisle to.


At the end of the night, everything was perfect and we had never felt so loved and so special.
One thing that changed after the wedding was the level of our love for one another.

Beginning our lives as newlyweds neither of us could be happier.  Amy is a stay-at-home mom and a successful vegan food blogger
while I manage the store room of one of Syracuse University's best dining halls.
We decided not to do a honeymoon following the wedding due to work and our son's care. 
Instead we are planning a family vacation down the road. 

We plan to stay in Syracuse where our friends, family and memories are.
We look forward to forging new memories and expanding our family.  
I could not ask for a better soul mate and partner than Amy.  
Amy is strong, loving, sweet, amazing, a wonderful wife, mother and my best friend.

Adam & Amy's Love Story
Adam & Amy's Love Story
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